How to stick the steel in the building reinforce?

Also known as sticky steel reinforcement is steel plate with high performance epoxy adhesive bonding to concrete surface, the steel plate and concrete to form a unified whole system, to enhance the bearing capacity and stiffness by good tensile strength steel plate.

The advantages of steel reinforcement: steel plate instead of steel, high strength structural adhesive with adhesive properties, the plates are firmly bonded on the surface of concrete, increase the strength of reinforced concrete structure, improve the bearing capacity of the structure, the component crack deflection and the development of inhibition. The construction is short, flat and fast. It can be carried out without stopping production. It does not affect the appearance size of the structure, and the weight of the structure increases very little.

Construction process of bonded steel reinforcement:

Adhesive veneer treatment, adhesive preparation, glue and stickup, pressure curing, inspection and maintenance

Construction method:

1. Sticky surface treatment

The a concrete face is chiseled out of the whitewash layer and then grinded out to the surface layer by the angle mill 1~2mm. The bigger depression is repaired with leveling glue, and the blower is cleaned with the blower, and the pasting surface is dry after drying.

B plate pasted surface should be grinded, derusting treatment with a corner mill, and it must be cleaned with cloth before use.

2. Preparation of adhesive

A can be used in accordance with the ratio of the adhesive instructions, mixing with the weighing apparatus, and mixing with the agitator.

3, Glue and paste

A adhesive is prepared, with the greasy knife smeared on the sticky surface of the steel plate, the middle thick 4mm, the edge 2mm, and paste. The fixed pressure system was fixed, properly pressurized, and the glue was just from the edge of the steel plate.

4, pressure curing

A, pressure fixed with expansion bolt, no disturbance during curing.

5. Test

The a anchorage area is less than 90% of the effective pasted area. It must be stripped of the steel plate and re pasted.

6. Maintenance

A, inspection must be carried out twice in the red lead paint epoxy antirust plate surface